The Movember Foundation is a real thing.  Men dying of prostate and testicular cancer, suicide and mental health issues is also a real thing. A real big and serious concern.

The Movember movement started with approximately 20 mustaches back in 2003 and now the global word has spread to about 5 million. The goal of the Movember Foundation is to reduce the number of men dying by about 25%, hopefully before the year 2030.  The premise is simple, grow your mo this month and use it to raise funds for men's health.  To sign up or to find out more about the Movember Foundation click HERE.

So if you're thinking of growing a mo guys, TIME identifies some simple do's and don't s:

  • DO get a mustache comb to train your stash to grow correctly so it looks its' best
  • DON'T use an electric razor as you can make some mistakes and lose control
  • DO let it grow, be patient and then trim
  • DON'T touch your growing mo as it will promote ingrown hairs

DO watch this video on how to grow a great looking mo in 30 days:

DON'T remove it this way:

[via TIME]

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