It's Valentine's Day and here is my question? What are your thoughts on a first date on Valentine's Day. I did an informal survey with the ladies in the office and it was unanimous. DON'T DO IT!!

So men if you're determined to do it today anyway, let me help you from my experiences.

DO NOT use the word "proactive" or "issues." Unless she tells you that she has a major attraction to motivational speakers or if you're a spokesman for a teen acne product.

Don't dress creatively. She needs to know that you're normal.  Prove what kind of "funky guy" you are on another date.

Do not attempt to rub knees unless you're getting serious signals.  Signals do not include, yawning, blinking or nodding off.

Don't talk about her "chi." New Age guys make good yoga instructors but she probably doesn't want to get romantic with one.

I was going to ask Traci about her thoughts for today but she's not a big fan of Valentine's Day so I know what she would say. If you care what women think (and if you are a guy, then you should), I would wait until another tomorrow.


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