I don't mean to gross you out, but do you realize how disgustingly filthy your computer keyboard is at work (especially if you share a keyboard with others)? Ponder this for a minute- the average work desk has about 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. That's sickening on it's own, but even more so considering that 83% of Americans eat at their desks. In addition to cleaning your keyboard, here are three other things you might want to clean once in a while.


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    Your Phone

    Your cell phone or your home phone can make you sick and this is why- cell phones get covered in bacteria because we take them with us everywhere, and we use them without washing our hands.  Home phones collect bacteria because in more cases than not, more than one person is handling it. Work phones are a little safer though because you're probably the only one using it, if you're the only one who uses your desk.

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    Your Dishwasher

    I actually never really thought about this, but it makes perfect sense. The hot water kills the bacteria INSIDE the dishwasher, but the edges of the door are a really good breeding ground for mold and mildew and that stuff likes to grow on the rubber cushioning of your refrigerator door too.

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    Your Outdoor Garbage Can

    There's an excellent chance that your not just tossing random garbage into the can you place at the curb, especially if you live in Binghamton where city trash bags are required, but even still- the inside of your trash can accumulate germs and bacteria. And this doesn't just apply to outdoor trash cans. It applies to indoor cans as well

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