There are so many places to work in New York, and there is a myth that we have to be productive all day long, all the time. Let's be real and realize that we can't always keep up with our A-game for 8 hours or more. We all have those moments of boredom.

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There was a recent survey that asked over 1,000 Americans on how they dealt with being bored at work, and here are their answers. Did you know that  Americans are bored for about a quarter of their workday. That's a long time not to care.

Here's another surprise, over a third of the people in the survey said that they knew their job would be boring when they began. Why on earth would anyone pick a job that puts them to sleep? Maybe it's about having a steady gig and stable job.

When it comes to different work places, the survey found that workers at the office tend to get bored faster then those who work remotely. Apparently being stuck in the same place every day gets old fast. The lack of variety plays a big part in why office workers feel more bored.

What To Do At Work When Boredom Hits

So, what do people do when boredom hits at work? Over 60% of them work slower or find pointless tasks to fill the time. They're trying to escape the boredom that comes with their job. In a place like New York, it's no wonder we are trying to find some excitement in their work lives.

The survey also found that over 50% said their bosses know they get bored often. Apparently as long as the work gets done, the bosses seem to turn a blind eye. They understand that time on the job has its ups and downs. In the Empire State where time is precious, as long as the job gets done, it seems the bosses are okay with it.

So, what's the bottom line for New Yorkers? It means we have to tackle boredom at work head-on. If you find yourself feeling uninspired or listless at work, take a moment to find out what's going on. Is it the job or is it you? Maybe you just need more sleep.

Can you find ways to put more excitement while you're at work? Maybe you need to try the hybrid or remote work route to help spice things up a bit.

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