Coronavirus cases continue to rise in Broome County and across the country. There were reportedly over 108,000 new cases across the US yesterday alone. My daughters work at grocery stores in the Southern Tier, Riley works at Aldis and Tara calls Price Chopper her workplace.

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With flu season also here, it got me thinking about where at the grocery store am I likely to come in contact with the virus or any other germs. Fortunately for me, Marketplace had the answer for me. They went to over 20 different grocery stores and swabbed everywhere they could think of and this is what they discovered.

It wasn't a big surprise that the credit card pin pads turned out to be the germiest surface. We all have at least one credit card and it spends a lot of time in our dirty wallet or purse. Then we grab it with our unwashed hand then take the same hand and hit the buttons. After that, we use our hand sanitizer.

You would think that the handles of the shopping cart would be germy and they are but not as much as you would think. It's one of the most wiped down places by employees and customers alike.

To see what else made their list, go here. For me, the rule of thumb is just to assume that everything has been contaminated by the virus or other germs and go by my newly made-up slogan, "Don't frown, just wipe it down."

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