Thanksgiving just got a little easier on the wallet for many New Yorkers and I want to say to Walmart and Aldi, "Thanks for giving all of us a much needed break." These two stores have announced, that they are going to roll back some prices on Thanksgiving meal essentials.

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Walmart and Aldi are talking turkey as they help us all save a few bucks during these tough times of rising prices. Inflation has been giving everyone a headache, and they flying in to save the day.

Walmart is Offering Thanksgiving Meal Discounts

Walmart is going all out this year as they are offering two Thanksgiving meal options. One option is for people who love cooking away in the kitchen and the other option is for people who would rather have pre-made dishes. Option two for me, please.

Hang on to your pilgrim hat because Walmart is offering their turkey at less than a buck per pound. They'll also have holiday favorites like ham, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. These options will be around until December 26th, so they've got you covered from gobble gobble to ho ho ho.

Aldi is Offering Thanksgiving Meal Discounts

Aldi, (the grocery store known for helping your budget) isn't letting Walmart be the only one offering savings this year. Aldi is cutting the prices on over 70 "holiday classics" to give your Thanksgiving feast a fabulous discount.

We're talking about savings of up to 50% on everything from gravy and potatoes to green beans and cranberries. There's also no forgetting about the butter and flour for that homemade pie. They aren't talking turkey here and we love it.

We all know that the latest report on consumer prices isn't exactly cheerful. Inflation is happening but it's fantastic that Walmart and Aldi are stepping in and stepping up to make sure New Yorkers can still have a great Thanksgiving without worrying too much about the price tags.

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