Well, this could definitely make your dish taste a bit earthy but probably not in the way that you're hoping for it to taste.

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Imagine this - it's Saturday morning and you've waited all week to make your favorite - French toast. You pull out the bread, eggs, milk, vanilla, and cinnamon and set to work. However, as you're cooking, you realize your French toast doesn't exactly smell like it should but you know you used the right ingredients and the correct measurements, so it must be in your head, right? Maybe not.

There could be a very real chance that if you purchased your ground cinnamon at Price Chopper, it might not be cinnamon at all! Price Chopper Supermarkets has issued a voluntary manufacturers recall on its 16 ounce bottles of PICS Ground Cinnamon. The bottles have a Universal Product Code of 4173505270 stamped right on the bottle.

A packing mistake made by the manufacturer, International Spice, has led to the voluntary recall of the PICS Ground Cinnamon leaving some customers with bottles of cumin rather than cinnamon. While both spices are earthy in taste, cumin tastes spicy and sometimes even a little bit bitter while cinnamon has more of a sweet and slightly citrussy taste.

If you purchased a bottle of PICS Ground Cinnamon and is is stamped with a UPC code of 4173505270, you can return the product to your nearest Price Chopper Supermarket for a full refund.

If you'd like further information on this recall, you can contact contact Price Chopper/Market 32 by calling 800-666-7667 or, you can email  consumerresponse@pricechopper.com.

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