After months of mostly negative ads, the election has come and gone. The confetti has been tossed, picked up and the Democrats take control of the House and the Republicans keep the Senate.

Both sides can look at the glass half-empty or half-full and they'll get even less done. I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. What's next for America? Will the noise stop or is it the beginning of investigations and more dissension. I'm more concerned for my kids, but I've found some comfort in the words of Max Lucado.

We look to the President and our government to make it better, but that's not where we should be turning. We should be looking somewhere else and this has given me hope.

A great pastor once said, "Don't put your hope in the elephant or the donkey. They'll let you down all the time. Put your hope in the Lamb. He's in control and He knows what's going on."

God has changed the hearts of both kings and people like me. I'll paraphrase a song that I learned as a child in Sunday School. I know there is hope because the "B-I-B-L-E tells me so."

Be sure to read what Max Lucado has to say and you'll see that there is hope. This is why I can feel calm in the middle of yet another storm that our country is facing.

[via Max Lucado/Fox News]