Have you ever had that conversation with a friend and you discuss what you would change about yourself? My answer usually is "I would want the ability to remember people's names better?

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I usually get the first letter of the name right but it goes sideways from there. For example: Your name is Traci and I call you Tara. I have a broadcaster friend that could have met you once in 1982 and remember your name and where he met you.

So what can we (and I) do to change that? Here are some ways to boost our brainpower and help us to remember things better.

When Your Getting Ready For The Day

Put on some good music and listen while you prepare for the day. It doesn't have to be classical but any music that you love (98.1 the Hawk) will do the trick. Music can help with concentration and lower stress hormones which can hinder your memory.

Before You Leave The House

Draw something that you don't want to forget. It's believed that you're more likely to remember the sketch because drawing helps with motor, verbal and visual skills. I remember people's names better when I see their name in writing like a "Hi, my name is..." tag. It's not a drawing but my mind sees it like it one.

While At Work

Take notice of the things around you like the aroma of the coffee or the way the lighting looks. The part of the brain that helps us process the senses around us also helps in storing memories.

On Your Way Home

How often on your way back to your house, you drift off and don't even remember anything about your trip? So take a different route home because the brain works out largely out of habit. By going a way that is unfamiliar, your brain will work and that improves the communication between the different regions of the brain.

In The Evening

Put your phone away...at least for a little while. I know it sounds like heresy but it'll give you a chance to let your brain take a break. When you go back and forth from your screen to human interaction, your brain doesn't process very well.

It also helps to read a book. This helps to maintain intellectual engagement and helps "goose" the reserves in your brain. I recommend that your read the Good Book. Every time that I read it, I find something new that will change my attitude.

I also find something positive that helps me take my mind off the stress of this world and puts peace in my heart and gives my brain a break.

Supporting Brain Health

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