The Binghamton area is notorious for getting a clobbered by snow virtually every March but for some reason, every year, we seem to forget that truth. This year was no different.

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Teased by spring-like temperatures early last week,  when forecasters informed us that a few mid-week snow showers would likely produce nothing more than a dusting to an inch, we  took it in stride.

And then, the snow came. And it didn't stop. The mid-week dusting to an inch turned into several inches.

Just as soon as people finished shoveling themselves out, the sun popped out and temperatures warmed up for two days to finish the job by melting what was left. And then bam- another mid-March winter storm rolled into town on Saturday, dumping upwards of a foot of snow in some areas.

Try as people may to accurately measure snowfall totals, the task was virtually impossible thanks to extremely strong winds which caused blowing and drifting wind.

The weather in the Southern Tier didn't just raise the eyebrows of locals who have had enough of winter, but they raised the eyebrows of  national television viewers.

Katie Byrne is a Philadelphia based multimedia journalist with Fox Weather and on Saturday, March 12, she was sent to Binghamton to cover our snowstorm to show the rest of the country what things looked like in the Southern Tier.

In her 11:00 a.m. Fox Weather report, Bryne stated that the current snow total in Binghamton was four inches. According to the National Weather Service in Binghamton, by the time the snow ended late in the day, parts of Binghamton had received 10 inches of snow with a few more inches received in the higher elevations.

One person not taken by surprise by the snow was Maria Wilson of Gennarelli's Flower Shop which stayed open during the storm even though businesses all around closed. Wilson told Fox Weather, "I call these spring storms. They happen. They happen right up till the end of April. So, you just live with it."

According to the National Weather Service in Binghamton, warmer weather is on the way with temperatures expected to be around 50 for Monday and Tuesday and near 60 for Wednesday through Friday.

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