The Almost-Annual New York State Crappie Derby has been living up to it's name recently. No, not the next to the last word (because it's never that), but 'Almost-Annual'. Great news, for the first time in 3 years, IT IS ON!!!

It's the 44th Annual attempt and it's going to happen this Saturday (2/17) on the ice of Whitney Point Lake in Whitney Point. There is 15" of ice on the lake and Broome County has said yes.

It's only 2 bucks for those over the age of 12 to participate but it's free to watch or wander on the ice. It's also NYS FREE FISHING day, so anyone can fish without a license. Tara has been wanting to fish so we better grab our poles and head to the lake. By the way, Sunday the 18th is also a Free Fishing day in New York.

It's a 'family friendly' outdoors event and is intended to be a 'day out' after the cold months of December, January and February. It is frequently called 'a party on the ice' due to the format.

To find out more about the Almost-Annual Crappie Derby and any updates for the party on the ice, go here. We hope February 17th is 'ice on' because there is no reschedule date.

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