We thought 2021 might be different than 2020 but in a lot of ways, it hasn't...at least not yet. There is one thing that's the same this year but this time around, it's for a different reason.

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We keep trying to find things to look forward to and it seems like practically every day, something we love is being paused. Today we have found out that the "Almost-Annual New York State Crappie Derby" scheduled for February 13th has been canceled.

The Whitney Point Sportsmens Association has announced that for the fourth time in the last five years, this family-friendly event at Whitney Point Lake in Whitney Point has lived up to its name. It's different this year because of the coronavirus pandemic...although I can't imagine the ice would have been strong enough anyway.

My daughter, Tara became interested in fishing a few years ago but the ice hasn't cooperated, so we haven't had a chance to go there together. I was hoping that it might be different this year because she loves these kinds of events. It would be a welcome change of pace with everything else happening in the world.

I've been there several times in the past and I love getting onto the ice and meeting up with friends over a hole in the ice and a cup of coffee in my hand. The  "party on the ice" will have to wait another year and as a weatherman friend of mine said when he was told the news "Oh Crap."

Hopefully, we'll have a chance to take the ice in 2022, but in the meantime they want everyone to "Stay Safe...Stay Healthy."

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