Nearly 40 years ago, a first-generation Italian moved his family to the United States where he opened a restaurant for his sons to operate, and that restaurant that has been tantalizing the tastebuds of Southern Tier residents ever since.

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Vinny and Charlie Aiello are the sons of Vito (Papa) Aiello and they are the chefs of the massively popular Aiello's Restaurant in Whitney Point which grew from a little pizzeria into what it has today thanks to these two men and all who have supported them through the years.

Vinny and Charlie Aiello will be doing something that has been done by several other Southern Tier eateries including Mama Guiseppa's, Little Venice, Lost Dog Cafe, and others.

The Aiello brothers will be stepping into the sauce business so that their high-quality homemade sauce can be enjoyed beyond the walls of their restaurant.

Vinny and Charlie say they only use the freshest herbs, spices, and cheese and, they import 100 percent olive oil to incorporate into each dish and sauce they make that calls for it, Fans of Aiello's meat sauce, vodka sauce, and Aiello sauce will soon be able to take a jar home with them to share or to keep for themself.

Charlie Aiello told WNBG that in 2022, Aiello's saw more business than ever before and the hope is to take their popular sauces out into the world so that everyone can have a taste of Whitney Point - and Aiello's Restaurant.

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