On March 1, Enchanted Forest Water Safari, a much-loved Upstate New York attraction found itself under new ownership for the first time in nearly half a century, and with the new ownership comes change.

Innovative Attraction Management (IAM) of Florida has taken the reins at Enchanted Forest Water Safari and its related properties, including the nearby Calypso’s Cove Family Fun Park, Old Forge Camping Resort, and Water’s Edge Inn.

Stricter Regulations on Outside Food and Beverages

One of the significant changes visitors can expect revolves around bringing outside food and beverages into the park. The new ownership will enforce stricter regulations regarding bringing in outside food and drinks. Under the new regime, only season-ticket holders and groups renting pavilions will be allowed to bring food in coolers and those coolers are not to exceed 60 quarts.

Exceptions for Dietary Requirements and Designated Picnic Areas

IAM President, Cathy Dunlap, shared with WKTV that exceptions might be made for visitors with specific dietary requirements. The company is currently finalizing the language of the policy to address those needs. To cater to visitors used to enjoying meals in their cars or tailgating, Enchanted Forest Water Safari plans to establish designated picnic areas in the parking lot.

Changes in Season Passes and Discounted Admissions

Season passes will offer park entry 15 minutes earlier than the general public, along with various discounts. Additionally, IAM has decided to discontinue the Paul Bunyan Club Membership, which previously granted discounted admission after purchasing a membership at a nominal fee. According to Adirondack Explorer, regular ticket prices will increase by $2.00. There's no word yet on whether or not visitors will still be able to buy a late-day admission ticket and get in free with the same ticket the next day.

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New Food Vendors and Pricing

IAM is also in the process of securing new food vendors while keeping some of the traditional favorites. Concerning food pricing, Dunlap mentioned to WKTV that they are working on finalizing the costs based on vendor rates. Currently, the pricing is expected to align with what visitors might pay at a fast-food establishment outside the park.

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Convenient Cash Conversion with Splash Cash

Visitors will also have the option to convert their cash into Splash Cash within the park. This system allows guests to wear a wristband loaded with Splash Cash to eliminate the need to carry physical cash and reduce the risk of losing money or belongings while enjoying the park's attractions.

The Continuity of Leadership and Operations

Katie Wojdyla and Kelly Greene, representing the Noonan family (who owned the park for nearly 50 years before this most recent sale), tell Adirondack Explorer that they will continue their roles at Enchanted Forest Water Safari for the "foreseeable future." With Greene as vice president and Wojdyla heading marketing, the Noonan family's connection to the park remains intact. Wojdyla emphasized that the park name will stay the same, and the current staff will be kept, ensuring a sense of familiarity and continuity for guests.

New Season Begins June 12

Enchanted Forest will kick off the new season on Wednesday, June 12.

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