I was nine years old and in third grade when my teacher took us on an end-of-year class trip to Enchanted Forest Water Safari which is nestled in picturesque Old Forge in the heart of the Adirondacks. My class trip was 32 years ago but when I stepped foot on the grounds for the first time in all of that time with my own son this year, I felt flooded with nostalgia.

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Memories are sweet, but re-living them through your own child, now that's a feeling that's hard to put into words. For 32 years, my mind had wandered back to that class trip at Enchanted Forest Water Safari from time to time, and of all the things I remembered most was the ginormous Paul Bunyan at the park entrance Humpty Dumpty sitting on a wall.

When I stepped through the gates with my son, all of those memories flooded back and were just as incredible as I remember them being from when I was a kid. All of the things I remembered were still there along with a slew of new things including a bunch of exciting new water rides.

My eyes were wide as saucers and my voice filled with excitement as I pointed out all of the magical scenes from Storybook Lane, to the petting zoo, bumper cars to Sky Ride, it was all still there.

Take a peek at the photos I took when I introduced my son to Enchanted Forest Water Safari (and got to re-live my childhood) and see if it's the way you remember it being when you were a kid (I'm going to bet it is!).

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