The 2022 Winter Olympics are going on right now in Beijing and we aren't really hearing a lot about it. People unhappy with China's human rights violations and the time difference don't help much.

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I'm happy that there are 8 athletes from New York that are participating but if you asked me to name ANY athlete that's there, I could name only one...Shaun White. Unfortunately, he failed to medal in his last hurrah at the Olympics.

However, there is another Olympics that is coming up soon and to me, it's a lot more important. It's closer to home and we have an athlete from the Southern Tier participating.

2022 Deaf Men's Basketball Summer Olympics

It's the 2022 Summer Deaf Men's Basketball Olympics and Bradley Christian is participating. He began to lose his hearing before he was a teenager and completely lost his hearing in his left ear.

He's lost most of his hearing in his right ear but he has not let that stop him. This 6'7" forward from Florida has been helping the Binghamton Bulldogs to a top 15 ranking in the ABA.

The Deaf Basketball Olympics begins on May 2nd and like most Olympic athletes, he has to fund his own way there. He has a GoFundMe page if you are interested in helping him out.

Binghamton Bulldogs vs Providence Pirates

#32 has helped the Dawgs to 14th in the country (out of 216) and you'll have a chance to see him and the rest of the Bulldogs on Saturday, February 19th. It's "Game of the Year Part 2" when the 10th ranked Providence Pirates invade the Pound.

This game will probably mean everything for the playoffs and the Northeast Region playoff seeding. Tip-off at the Bulldog Sports Complex in Johnson City is at 7 p.m. Remember to support local (including Bradley) and LET'S GO DAWGS

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