If you have passion for basketball like I do then you need to see the Binghamton Bulldogs in action. They are the 2017 and 2021 Northeast Region Champions and are entering their 6th season in the ABA.

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The Binghamton Bulldogs are on a roll as they continue their quest to the #1 spot. They began the 2022-23 ABA season ranked #2 in the Northeast Region (behind defending National Champion, Steel City Yellow Jackets) and #11th overall.

They began the season with an impressive 143-85 win over the Massachusetts Wolves. The Bulldogs have continued their fast start and have climbed to #3 with a come-from-behind 98-89 win over #16 Providence Pirates.

#3 Binghamton Bulldogs Take On #25 Central PA Kings

They are continuing their quest to #1 when they take on another ranked opponent at home. The #25 Central PA Kings come to the Bulldogs Sports Complex on Saturday, December 10th with tip-off at 7:05 p.m.

Owner and President, Jimmy Evans is the man behind the scenes and has done so much for the community. It began with his vision of having a place to call their own and now it's home to the Bulldogs along with other activities like pickleball and volleyball.

Owner Jimmy Evans Reveals What He's Most Proud Of About The Binghamton Bulldogs

Evans was recently asked what he was most proud of about the Binghamton Bulldogs and this was his response.

Easy answer - It’s the jobs and friendships that the team has created. Growing up in a single parent family never in my life did I think I would be able to start a business that would have 5 full time staff, a few dozen part time staff, and a couple more full timers in the summer.

A way that people can follow their dreams and support their family….all fueled by a lot of hard work, a little round ball and a hoop. Super thankful of my staff today and every day.

The Binghamton Bulldogs also believe in involving the kids because they know that they are the future. They join them on the court for high fives before the game and they gather together after the game to celebrate another Bulldog win.

If you haven't been to see the Bulldogs play, you are missing out and you can see them for yourself this Saturday, December 10th at the Bulldogs Sports Complex, 1025 Robinson Hill Road in Johnson City.

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