I don't know if this is something that's a relatively new thing over the several years. Have you ever heard of subway surfing? I was not aware of it, so I searched online for the meaning, and came up with an app where you play an online game.

But that wasn't what I was looking for. This is something that is reckless and dangerous. According to WPIX 11 New York City, subway surfing is where you ride on top of or outside of a real subway train. Who thought this would be a good idea, and that the chance of injury or death is a strong possibility?

The WPIX 11 article notes that the New York City Metro Transit Authority (MTA) states that "subway surfing is a life-threatening activity...no one should do it." Several people have died from subway surfing in the New York City area, most recently in 2021 when a person fell off the top of a subway train and was run over by it.

Other reports of deaths from subway surfing occurred in 2016, 2017, and 2019  resulting in the death of a 14-year-old boy. And according to The City NYC website, in 2019, there were 461 reports of persons riding either on top of or outside of a train, which was a 15 percent increase from 2018.

This dangerous stunt not only puts the person doing it at risk, but it also puts first responders and even customers as well according to the head of the New York City Transit, Sally Librera. And it can also cause delays for the trains and passengers.

via WPIX 11 NY, The City NYC

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