I have a bad habit, and I’m not afraid to admit it. I bite my nails, a lot. It’s not from stress, its not a compulsive behavior, I just do it. Some say its gross, but then again I think eating eggplant is gross. To each his own.


My mother always told me “biting your nails means your cheap.” I never really understood how that worked, but it seemed a little threatening. I have heard of people painting this gross tasting liquid to get themselves to stop. I have heard of people soaking their fingers in vinegar too. That just makes you smell like a basket of fair fries.


Then I went ahead and did some research on biting my nails. It was shocking to say the least!


Nail biting can cause inflammation and infection! I have yet to have an infection (knock on wood) but I do see my fingers become inflamed. This is cause by our own saliva!


Obviously, the big thing that should prevent people from biting their nails is illness. Our hands touch multiple germ-infested things per day, its unavoidable. These germs are then transferred to our mouth and can cause a serious illness.


The one thing I did not know nail biting could hurt is our teeth! Nail biting can cause tiny fractures in our teeth that could lead to tooth decay or even gingivitis.


I thought Halloween was scary as is, now I’m terrified to continue my bad habit!

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