Dunkin' brings such joy to people's lives. Whether it's a jumpstart in the morning or a pick-me-up in the afternoon, Dunkin' gives us the boast that we need. Dunkin' also is bringing joy to kids across the country and the Southern Tier of New York.

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In May, we were asked to sip from our hearts on Dunkin' Iced Coffee Day and help bring joy to kids everywhere. I love the concept of fueling my "go" while supporting the children battling illness in our community. It's a win-win for everyone.

I've been fortunate to have three healthy kids that haven't faced any major clinical problems in their lives. It's a comfort to know that there are foundations like Dunkin' Joy in Childhood that support kids when they need it the most.

When kids are battling a severe illness, it brings hardship to everyone involved including their family. It robs the kids the joy of childhood and it's support like this that can help the patients to still be a child.

During Iced Coffee day, Dunkin' raised almost $2 million nationwide to support the various children's hospitals. On Wednesday, August 17th, the Dunkin' Joy in Childhood Foundation held an event at the Dunkin' restaurant at 3000 Vestal Parkway in Vestal.

Dunkin' Joy In Childhood Gives Grant To UHS Pediatrics

They are proud to announce that $5,000 will be granted locally to UHS Pediatrics at UHS Wilson Medical Center. This grant will bring joy to the patients with new play things and essentials like baby swings and booster seats.

The funding will also support the renovation of their inpatient pediatric unit at UHS Wilson Medical Center.

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