I say this all the time, "things are starting to look better" in New York but people are still going hungry. Hunger affects people from all walks of life. In the last year, more than 54 million people were facing food insecurity including 18 million children.

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Dunkin' saw the problem and is once again coming to the rescue. Their Dunkin' Joy in Childhood Foundation has released another million dollars in emergency hunger grants.

They have put in place the Dunkin' Joy of Childhood Foundation Grant Management System. They are processing grant applications now donations will be made upon approval.

Who Is Eligible For Funding

One of the questions that are being asked is: Who is eligible for this funding? They include food banks, food pantries, emergency food programs, grocery delivery programs, and community gardens.

To see the entire list of organizations that are eligible for this latest round of relief courtesy of Dunkin', go here.

The Foundation is also continuing its "Hero Recharge." This is a way to help nurses and other healthcare workers that are continuing to deal with the stress associated with this awful pandemic.

Helping Our Healthcare Workers

If this is you, go here to find out how you can take advantage of this opportunity from Dunkin's Recharge Program. If this doesn't apply to you but your organization wants to be a part of their solution, go here to find out how you can make a difference.

It's things like this that make me proud that I'm a Dunkin' kind of guy. I'm proud to support an organization like this that's supporting the hungry and stressed people of our area.

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