New Yorkers, did you know that you might be throwing away your hard-earned cash on unnecessary expenses at the grocery store? Wait What?

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We are all feeling the pain at the register but there are some things we can do to keep some of our money in our pockets instead of leaving it all behind at the grocery store.

Going in Blind

Probably the biggest mistakes we make is walking into the grocery store without having a plan. Take it from me, it's a recipe for disaster! Take a few minutes to figure out what meals you want to make during the week and then make yourself a good ol' shopping list.

How many times have you walked into a grocery store without a list to buy two items and leave with ten? It happens to me ALL THE TIME, so save time and money, make a list and keep your wallet happy and you happier.

Shopping on an Empty Stomach

Hangry shopping should be a non-starter but we've all done it. When your belly is growling, you're more likely to grab anything and everything that looks appetizing. Grab a snack (or eat a meal) before you go shopping and it'll to stop from making those impulsive buys.

Sleeping on Sales and Discounts

Don't snooze on the sweet deals! Keep an eye out for sales and discounts on items you need and use all the time. Whether it's that box of cereal you love or your go-to cleaning supplies, take advantage of the lower prices and stock up like a pro.

Ignoring the Price Tag Battle

Ahh, the price tag showdown! Don't settle on the first item you see. Take a minute to compare prices between different brands and stores. You might find items that are cheaper somewhere else and the time you take to check could give you cash in your pocket.

Falling for the Pre-Cut Trap

We know that pre-cut fruits and veggies are convenient but there is a catch. They come with a bigger price tag so buy the whole thing and slice them yourself. You'll give your arm a workout and you'll feel like you've earned your meal.

Out-of-Season Splurges

Resist the urge to splurge on out-of-season produce. Those juicy strawberries might be calling your name, but they come at a hefty price when they're not in their prime. Stick to buying fruits and veggies that are in season for better prices and fresher flavors.

Stay Lookin' Low

Don't get lured into buying the most expensive items that are cleverly placed at eye level. Sneaky, right? Take a minute to look down and inspect the shelves toward the bottom. You could find the lower items at lower prices. With the extra cash, you could "splurge" on that fancy coffee you've been eyeing.

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