We’ve started a daily feature on our socials where we ask Southern Tier residents a question and we recently posed this one, “If you could have a one-year supply of something for absolutely free, what would it be?”

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I have to admit that I thought for sure we’d get some far-out answers like “bacon” or maybe even some adult content answers, but we didn’t. In a time when we’re slammed daily by keyboard warriors who hide behind their computers and toss out the most ridiculous stuff just to get a rise, I was shocked at the brutal vulnerability in the answers given.

The answers to “If you could have a one year supply of something for absolutely free, what would it be?” showed me that although we may not always be on the same page when it comes to political situations at the core, we are humans who struggle with the same concerns and insecurities.

I’ve thought long and hard about what I would wish for if I could have something for free for an entire year. I know that more money would make life easier for my family, but I worry about the troubles it might also bring. We have the food that we need. Gas would be nice because I feel like we’re bleeding money trying to keep the tanks in our vehicles full but gas isn’t my answer. No, my answer would be an unlimited supply of time to spend with my husband and my son.

My family was quarantined for two weeks in December and although I still spent several hours a day working from home, just being in the same space as my husband and son, all together at the same time, impacted me in huge ways. We rarely all get to spend time alone together without a whirlwind of activity or visitors. To be shut in for two weeks with the two people I love more than anything in the world with no obligations, no visitors, no chaos was exactly what we all needed to bring us together. I wish I had a supply of time to spend more of it with them. Time is moving much too quickly and I want to hang on to these moments.

By the way, if you’re curious what our listeners said they wish they could have a one year unlimited supply of, the top answer was gasoline. The second most popular answer was food (that broke my heart because nobody should worry about food) and the third most popular answer was basic necessities such as diapers.

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