I'm sure that you've heard the term, "unfair pricing." You're scrolling through an online business or walking the aisles of your favorite store, then your hit with prices that make your eyes pop and leave you feeling a little ripped off.

We've been there but fear not because a USA TODAY Blueprint poll said all hope is not lost. There are some brands that New Yorkers stand behind because they have the fairest prices.

According to the poll, 42% of us get angry about pricing every week. That's a whole lot of frustration but at least we're not suffering alone. So, what brands made it to the top of the fairness chart with New Yorkers? Drumroll, please!

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Sharpie took the crown as the fairest brand in the eyes of  Americans, everywhere including us proud New Yorkers. Who would've thought that a marker would win our hearts and wallets? Well done, Sharpie.

Anker, Honda, Toyota, Dove, and Rubbermaid also made the cut for being among the top 10 fairest brands. Now, let's talk about why some of us end up shelling out big bucks even though we aren't happy about it.

The top reasons include the product's quality, the urgency in which we need the product so we don't have time to price shop and the lack of other available choices. It happens, but remember that splurging is something that happens from time to time. Sometimes we can't put a price on a quick fix or a one-of-a-kind treasure.

When it comes to fair pricing among big retailers, New Yorkers have spoken and Costco reigns supreme. Amazon and Walmart have also become go-to destinations for New Yorkers looking for fair prices. Whether it's a last-minute essential or a shopping spree from the comfort of our couch, these retailers have nailed it.

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