As a licensed driver, you're supposed to follow all of the rules and regulations. To make sure of that, Troopers have gotten smart on how to catch you and now, they have a brand new hiding spot.

Troopers are known to hide to make sure they catch the people driving unsafe but apparently, they're stepping up their game, according to the Times Union. The State Police just announced that they're teaming up with the Department of Transportation to catch people driving unsafe in work zones. They're calling it "Operation Hardhat."

In this new partnership, troopers will be acting as construction workers and will be looking out for "drivers who don't slow down, move over and put away their smart phones." No word on whether this has already started or will be starting soon but be sure to be extra safe during those zones.

At first, I can see that you may feel duped but wouldn't you rather those people working on the roads (and yourself) be safer? A lot of people don't drive properly while in the work zones, this is just going to be another way to protect the roads.

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