As the winter season begins to settle in, state officials in New York are stressing the importance of making sure that the state is prepared for the season's harsh weather conditions.

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State officials say they've made big improvements in enhancing New York's preparedness for winter weather this season. The Department of Transportation (DOT) says it is working to be sure the roads in the state are equipped to handle whatever challenges the winter weather throws at us.

To address the manpower needs, the DOT has hired over 400 new plow drivers in the last year and plans to recruit around 100 more plow drivers statewide. Experience from last winter helped the state see where additional drivers were needed.

Thanks to competitive hiring strategies and increased wages for plow drivers, New York State has overcome many of the hiring challenges that it faced in previous years.

Addressing not only the immediate challenges but also the long-term effects of winter weather, Governor Hochul authorized funding for road repairs. This initiative means that road repairs will ramp up next spring. funding, amounting to $3.28 billion allocated in the 2023 state budget, will cover infrastructure improvements over the next five years.

Every region of the state will benefit from this funding, with varying degrees of allocation. For instance, the Southern Tier will receive $195 million, prioritizing the complete resurfacing of large road sections. The Capital Region will receive $87 million for similar purposes, ensuring smoother and safer travel for residents and visitors alike.

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