Should New York Have Daylight Savings All Year?
This is weird, I know we just flipped the clocks back last weekend but a few New York State Senators are annoyed with having to switch back and forth from standard time to Daylight Saving time. They are proposing a new bill that would make Daylight Saving time all year long...
He Bit The Dog Back?
I've trained Maggie to the point where she knows vocal tones very well. I don't have to yell at the dog or take the paper to couch cushion cause she hates the noise. But never in my life have I felt that I had to sink my teeth into her to teach her a lesson...
Benefit Planned for Little Meadows Girl
Our sweet friend Madigan Gow of Little Meadows, PA was diagnosed with progressive congenital scoliosis (basically, her spine is caving in) on December 22, 2006- just a few days before Christmas and her first birthday.