People often joke that the Southern Tier is in a constant state of construction but it's the truth and this coming spring, travelers are going to see a whole lot more of it.

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New York State is pouring nearly $19.5 million into resurfacing roads in the Southern Tier portion of the state this spring to improve road safety and efficiency for both drivers and pedestrians.

The massive project will involve resurfacing 11 major roadways in the Southern Tier region. One of the major roads to be repaved is Route 13/34/96, which will receive over $8 million for work from Elmira Road to the North Ithaca City line.

In addition, Buffalo Street from Taughannock Boulevard to Meadow Street, Seneca Street from Fulton Street to Meadow Street, and Green Street from Fulton Street to Meadow Street, all located in the City of Ithaca, will also receive upgrades.

Other roads to be resurfaced with the allocated funds include Route 414 from Beaver Dams to the Village of Watkins Glen, Seneca County, Route 224, and Route 34 from the Schuyler County line to Tioga County line in the Town of Van Etten in Chemung County.

Route 417 from Route 36 to Hardy Road in the Town of Jasper, Steuben County will see construction as will Route 28 from the Ulster County line to Arkville in the Town of Middletown, Delaware County, Route 26 from the Village of Whitney Point to Overlook Drive in the Town of Triangle, Broome County, and Route 268 from Academy Street to Lang Road in the Town and Village of Hancock, Delaware County will all see improvements.

The remaining roads to be resurfaced with the funds are Route 206 from the bridge over Kelsey Creek to one-half mile east of Case Road in the Town of Bainbridge, Chenango County, Route 38B from Route 38 to the Broome County line in the Towns of Newark Valley and Owego, Tioga County, Route 26 from 0.4 miles south of Payne Road to the Maine Memorial School in the Towns of Union and Maine, Broome County, and Route 30, which will be resurfaced from Route 17 to Route 206 in the Towns of Hancock and Colchester, Delaware County.

The $19.5 million in funding for these road upgrades is part of a larger effort to improve transportation and infrastructure in the state. By resurfacing these roads in the Southern Tier Region, the state says it hopes to improve safety, reduce congestion, and create a more efficient transportation network for local communities and businesses.

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