There's nothing like opening the fridge and seeing it stocked full of fresh produce, a rare sight these days as more and more people are limiting the number of times a week they visit their local grocery store, but a fridge void of fresh produce might not be your reality for much longer as a new food delivery service has come to Broome County.

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The fresh food delivery service, Farm-Swarming LLC, was started right here in Central New York and the concept is simple: Farm-Swarming teams up with local farmers to deliver their products directly to consumers, cutting out the middleman. And it isn't just fresh produce that is being delivered. Also finding its way into homes are fresh meats, homemade jams, yogurt, milk, and more.

In an interview with WBNG-TV, Farm-Swarming LLC executive Benjamin Gerardi said, "From where you are, you should be able to go onto the website and locate nearby farms that offer different products. Those products are taken to a centralized location and then are delivered to your door."

When asked how the idea to create a farm to fridge type delivery service, Gerardi, who grew up in Broome County, told WBNG that it was, "Simultaneous stories of there being milk and other products being wasted from different farms, but also bare grocery shelves and people not being able to access goods. So, it just kind of grew about very organically."

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