It’s an event to raise awareness about programs that combat crime, and violence within the community, tonight several events will be held throughout our area during the 21st annual National Night Out.

A number of events will take place this evening  including block parties, entertainment  and some cookouts as residents of the southern tier gather to support peaceful communities.

Several venues including The Binghamton Boys and Girls Club, Columbus, Fairview and Cheri Lindsey Parks, and the Broome County Library.

The Firehouse Stage lots on Willow Street in Johnson City will be welcome residents who will gather with law enforcement to make a stand against violence in our neighborhoods.

I grew up in Binghamton and it was a very different place to live back in the 70’s and 80’s, the world was a different place and the national night out events are being help throughout the country tonight to make a stand as Americans one country united against violence, drugs and crime.

There is probably a location near you so all are encouraged to come out tonight and support a non-violent community with the National Night Out.


Click  HERE for is a list of events in our area.

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