Today (9/28) is National Drink Beer Day, so is beer as a social drink on the the decline? Not according to this latest study by National Today. In fact, you could say that Americans are quite hoppy about beer.

They found out that 36% of Americans say their preferred drink when meeting friends at a bar is beer. Margaritas was second at 17%, wine at 13% with cosmopolitans at 5% and gin and tonics at 4%.

The study also found what states love their beer the most. Congrats to Massachusetts which showed that 51% of people from Massachusetts love beer. Followed by Missouri at 50% and Wisconsin at 49%.

New York come in 9th at 44%. Here's the bigger question: Where do New Yorkers like to drink beer? According to my unofficial survey, it's the Parlor City Oktoberfest celebration at Mountain Top Grove on October 14th.

My unofficial survey came in at an astonishing 100%. Don't believe me, well come and see for yourself. There'll be craft beers on tap to enjoy and see for yourself.

Not really a drinker but want to be a part of the fun?  There will be authentic German dishes and desserts, Miss Oktoberfest will be crowned and a whole lot more.

There will also be activities for the kids with "The Kinder Garten." Children under 13 are admitted free to the festival. Tickets are only $10 if you buy them now at the Hawk Studio, 59 Court Street, Binghamton or at Mountain Top Grove, Hance Road in Vestal.

You can get tickets at the door on the day of the event but it'll cost you $15, so why not get them below and save some money. Happy National Drink Beer Day but we hope you'll celebrate with us on October 14th.

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