At the beginning of the year, we make resolutions and wishes. I resolve to quit smoking (it helps that I never started) and wish for world peace and other things that we probably won't keep or get.

For 2019, my resolution is to give up resolving (is that even a word, it should be). So here are some of my wishes for the year.

I wish there is something we could do about the "Check Engine" light:  Does anyone really do anything, when it comes on? My phone can tell me the location and menu of my favorite restaurant but my car can't give me a clue to what's wrong!

I wish more celebrities would keep their money in America:  Don't have your 50 million dollar wedding in Rome, Italy, get married in Rome, Pa.

I mention Rome, Pa because it's near my childhood hometown and they don't get enough publicity from me. Probably because they defeated me and my Warren Center Little League team in the playoffs.....35 years ago....No, I'm not bitter.

Finally, I wish for more reality TV shows.....Kidding, just seeing if you were paying attention.

So here's my wish for a bright 2019. What wish would you like to come true for 2019?