It happens every year. We hit the month of December and you begin to think about how next year is going to be YOUR year. You want to lose some weight, be nicer to people, maybe get that promotion at work. It is time to think about your New Year’s Resolution.

I have had years upon years of failed resolutions. We all have had them. I hit January and I go to the gym everyday for two weeks and burn myself out. I get sick of going to gym and doing the same thing over and over.

You jump into January full steam ahead, and run out of energy halfway through.

Fitness and nutrition experts are now suggesting starting you New Year’s resolution RIGHT NOW. You may be saying to yourself “Well then it really isn’t a New Year’s resolution.” You are right, it’s a lifestyle change.

Trainer and fitness experts say starting slow is the key to keeping up with your resolution. If you jump back into the gym with full gusto, you are more likely to fail. By taking bay steps and adjusting your diet and fitness routine slowly, you can actually achieve your goals.

They say be mindful of what you eat over the holidays and you are already on track for your weight loss resolution goal.

Again, I am not even close to a fitness expert as you can see in my picture in my blogs. I am just passing on amazing advice I came across today.

As we approach a new year and possibly a new you, remember to have fun, stay safe, and be the best you can be.

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