Growing up wrestling when I was younger, how much you weighed was always a topic on the top of your head. Making weight, moving up in weight, shedding weight was in daily conversation.


There was one technique that always stuck out in my mind: shivering. Yes, that’s right, you can shiver your weight off. Thanks science.


You can actually burn more calories working out when its freezing than when its hot outside!


The reason behind this is internal temperature. When you encounter an extreme cold the body will rapidly try and get its temperature back to normal. To do this the body needs fuel, and calories are its fuel.


You need to actually be cold as well. Layering jacket upon jacket will just make you sweat as you work out, the body needs to feel the extreme temperature in order to burn those calories.


Go home tonight and take a hammer to your thermostat, all in the name of weight loss.




[via Today]

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