Who would have guessed a week ago that we would be here? Last week, we were getting ready for college basketball conference tournaments, March Madness, and eventually all the way to the Final Four.

Here locally, we were looking forward to our own version of the Final Four when the Binghamton Bulldogs basketball team would be hosting the Elite Eight. It included the top 8 ABA teams including the Bulldogs.

They were also going to host the ABA All-Star game in April with some of the best basketball players in the country coming to town. Then the dreaded C word got in the way...in this case, coronavirus.

Sadly both of these events were postponed and then canceled and it looked like the Dawgs would miss out on this awesome opportunity. That's the bad news.

Here's the good news: The 2021 ABA Elite 8 National Tournament & All-Star championship has been granted to the Bulldogs and they'll be hosting it next April. This is well deserved and they'll make our area proud.

Congrats to the Bulldogs and their fans and can't wait for next year when some of the best basketball anywhere comes to the Southern Tier of New York.




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