With the recent announcement of Toys “R” Us going out of business, consumers were excited to take advantage of liquidation sales and deals.

But today, folks in Johnson City who patiently waited outside their location on Harry L Drive, were frustrated when associates came out just before the store opened to cancel a liquidation sale that was planned for today. The sale is postponed to a later date.

(Photo courtesy of Heidi Hughes Addiego)
(Photo courtesy of Heidi Hughes Addiego)

People have travelled across the Southern Tier to take advantage of these sales and deals. Many hoped to even to get a little Christmas shopping done, however they have only been met with disappointment.

According to one shopper, today’s liquidation sale (which was cancelled 30 minutes before the store opened) had not been approved court approved. Furthermore, she said that Toys “R” Us was going back to the courts daily to try to get the sale approved as soon as possible.

But that sale may not be coming soon enough for gift card holders who must spend their outstanding balances on their cards by April 20, 2018. And looking toward the future, what will this mean for customers who have an outstanding warranty on toys that were previously purchased?

Well, what we do know is that if you were looking to visit the Toys “R” Us in Johnson City today in hopes of taking advantage of a liquidation sale, DON’T!


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