I'm going to miss Toys R Us and probably not for the reasons you'd imagine. I remember the first time I walked into the store while pregnant, my adorable little growing bump no so easy to hide anymore. I was tired and I was swollen.

My husband and I had gone into the store in Johnson City to see what we could find to put in the nursery we were preparing for our son when I was hit with an awful wave of morning sickness. One of the store employees, a sweet older woman, noticed that I was really queasy and walked up to me, gently rubbed my back and suggested I might want to try some "Preggie Pop Drops." She helped me find them and quickly checked me out so I could pop one in my mouth. My nausea subsided and my husband and I were able to continue shopping.

From that first day shopping at Toys R Us/Babies R Us forward,  I felt like I was part of a special club. A club full of people who understand sudden morning sickness, mommy brain fog, crying babies, and toddlers who feel the need to touch everything. I've shared more knowing glances with other parents at Toys R Us than I have at any other place.

For Christmas, when asked what our son would like for a gift, we said Toys R Us gift cards. Little did we know just a few months later the store would announce their closing and we'd be left staring at a bunch of gift cards, not knowing what in the world to do with them.

Bed Bath & Beyond to the rescue.

Bed Bath & Beyond have announced that they'll let people who have Toys R Us or Babies R Us gift cards exchange them for a reduced Bed Bath & Beyond or buybuy BABY eGift card. But here's the catch- you only have until the end of the day this Thursday, April 5th to trade in your Toys R Us/Babies R Us gift card (s).

Keep in mind, you won't be given the full amount of the gift card, but at least you won't be left with a completely unusable gift card.

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