It is finally happening. A part of my child is coming to an end.

Toys R Us will close all the remaining stores around the country will close on or before this Friday June 29, 2018.

This closes a chapter in all of our lives, whether it be dropping in for a last minute gift, making a day out of toy shopping, or riding a bike around the entire store (which was definitely frowned upon).

Stores are currently offering 60 to 80% off their inventory currently, and as we approach Friday those discounts will continue to rise.

By the end of the week, the the 740 stores across the Unite States will close its doors marking the final day of the chains mostly successful run.

As online shopping became more and more popular, Toys R Us found itself having trouble keeping up. Amazon's consistently low prices made it hard for the toy giant to compete.

The Johnson City Toys R Us is slated to close its doors today, according to WBNG. You can find out more about the JC Toys R Us here.

[via ABC 7]

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