Isn't it strange how sometimes we speak of something hypothetically and then oddly, events happen that make us wonder just how close we were being listened to?

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I was chatting with a friend last week when she mentioned how much she wished that Target on the Vestal Parkway would expand to create a super Target. I mentioned that there was only one direction they could build in order for that to happen and Bed Bath & Beyond was occupying the only possible expansion space.

It was only a few days after my conversation with my friend that listeners started to reach out and asked if I'd heard the Bed, Bath, and Beyond on the Vestal Parkway was closing and wanted to know if I could confirm whether or not there was truth to the rumors.

I'm NOT saying that Target is expanding or that doing so is even something they've considered, but how interesting that I would have a completely private conversation about the Bed Bath & Beyond space with a friend and then only a few days later would get inquiries regarding the closure of the store.

Robin Latham
Robin Latham

The closing of the Parkway Plaza Bed, Bath, and Beyond comes as a huge surprise. In January of this year, Bed Bath & Beyond announced it would be closing 37 stores all across the United States but our Vestal store was not listed as one being closed. Instead, these are the store locations in New York that were listed: Auburn Plaza in Auburn, Eastern Boulevard in Canandaigua, Glenmont Plaza in Glenmont, Military Road in Niagara Falls, Woodbury Plaza in Plainview, Waterfront Place in Port Chester, and Spring Valley Marketplace in Spring Valley.

Today, we can add Parkway Plaza in Vestal to the list of stores closing. A call to the store confirmed that the emails received by our listeners are in fact legitimate and the Vestal store has already begun its closing sales with the entire store on sale.

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