Christmas is next Wednesday and it's a time when the family gets together to celebrate this special season. As can happen when relatives get together, many different kinds of conversations come up and can turn hostile. This year instead of talking about the impeachment, how about something that's much better. Is the birth of Christ the greatest miracle in the Bible. I think so and here's why.

Why not the Resurrection? I figure this, He's God. He spoke the world into being, so raising from the dead (while spectacular and a game-changer), isn't really that hard for Jesus. But coming as a child, that's something different.

He could have come in as a King or Ruler instead he came in as a baby. He could have been born to a Queen but he was born to a peasant teenage woman.

He could have begun with a party but he was born in poverty. Jesus chose to come in this way and I find this humbling.

You can read all about his birth in the 4 gospels of the Bible (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John). I actually found all I need to know in one verse in the Old Testament. It's Isaiah 9:6. Part of it say's "A child is born, unto us a son is given."

Whether I think it's the biggest miracle in the Bible or not is irrelevant, it's an awesome story either way. So Merry Christmas, it's more than just the reason for the season.

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