I might be a woman, but there are some things we girls do that baffle even me. Like going out on a dinner date and only ordering a salad. Why do women do that?!?

I've done it and you've probably done it too. You've gone on a first date, a dinner date and could have ordered anything from the menu, but you ordered a salad instead. Maybe it's because you don't want to look like you eat too much. That was what was going through my head when I'd limit the amount of food I ate on dates, but it just led to binge eating after my date left me at my doorstep because who was I kidding? I was hungry!

Whatever your reason, it's time to ditch the salad. According to a new survey you're much more likely to get asked out on a second date if you order what you want and just eat.

TGI Fridays talked to 2,000 people and found that guys actually prefer taking out a woman who embraces her appetite and eats comfortably in front of him and the same goes for women. Women are actually turned off by a guy who eats only a salad.

So, for your next date, bring your appetite and order whatever your little heart desires.