We have all been there. You get to the cash register. You are getting ready to pay and then you see it: your favorite candy bar (insert your favorite stuff.)

You grab it, you throw it on the belt, you think nothing of it, but you should!

Impulse buys can cost us LOADS of cash. A recent survey found that Americans can spend over $5,000 on impulse buys! That's a down payment on a house!

The experts suggest to take a moment and pause before you impulse buy. They say think about what you already own and how often you use it. Do you own something that can be comparable to the item?

These methods could help curtail your overspending and impulse buying.

Impulse buying is especially easier now. When I jump on Amazon Prime I am basically at an online cash register/checkout line. My impulse buying problem is definitely real. I always find it weird that Amazon Prime and my Facebook always knows what I want!

Next time I'll stop and think before I buy 40 lbs. of chocolate.

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