If you feel like technology is taking over your life and is more of a headache than a help, join the club, because you are  not alone.

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In a survey by Secure Data Recovery that looked at our digital habits, we found out that many of us are burned out on technology. The survey found out that New York is one the of the top states that uses technology, but we are starting to put our foot down about it.

New York ranked as the 6th state where we are doing whatever it takes to lessen our reliance on technology. That means that more New Yorkers are looking for more other ways to use our digital.

Experts say that they think one of the big changes that we'll start seeing in New York is that we'll reduce how much online shopping we do. I find that hard to believe but according to the study, as we cut back on technology use, we'll go to our local stores.

That will be really good news as we'll be supporting our locally owned small businesses. The survey also revealed that behind this shift in technology behavior is potentially a bigger challenge for New Yorkers: low self-esteem.

There are many opportunities that come with technology, and New Yorkers told Secure Data Recovery that they are dealing with big issues with self-worth and self-image. This shows that technology has a big impact on our mental well-being!

The good news is that by recognizing that technology comes with its challenges, we can find ways to create a better balance between our online and offline worlds. It's good to know that we are serious about turning toward better and more useful ways of using technology.

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