So when you’re in the checkout line and you just can’t resist the urge to grab that candy bar or some chips and toss them on the conveyor belt, it’s called impulse buying.

I think most of us are guilty of some impulse buying, but according to a study by IHL women can lose more than four pounds in a single year just by resisting the urge to grab some chocolate or sugary soda.

Sorry guys, we're far for worse than the ladies. Millennial males are actually the biggest culprits of snacking on foods with lots of calories.

The study also shows that people who use the self-checkout kiosks are way more at risk to go berserk with the snack grabbing. It probably has something to do with the fact that there's no one there to judge you.

I love potato chips and I tell my wife not to buy them because if they’re in the house I will find them and I will eat them. I eat far less junk food when it’s not sitting in my cupboard, and I won’t make a trip to the store in search for it unless I’m in the checkout line and I can’t resist the urge to grab a fast break bar.

Maybe stores should have the self-check out kiosks equip with a voice controlled computer that will tell you how many calories you about to cram down your throat in the car on the way home.

Obviously, I don't think retailers would agree with me, after all, they’re the ones that put the stuff in front of us in the first place.

Resist the impulse buying my friends, easier said than done?

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