It's here this Saturday beginning at 10am. It's Hot Cross Run at Otsiningo Park. The weather looks like it's going to be perfect for it with sunshine and temperatures in the 70's.

It combines Hot Yoga, a Crossfit routine and a two mile run. You can do it for fun. You can race against the clock or just race against your friends.

It's new and it's exciting and for some confusing. First of all it's supposed to be fun, if you get fit while doing it....then bonus. Also proceeds from the event go to the Southern AIDS Program (STAP).

Now I can tell you a little bit about this event but Barry from Southern Tier Crossfit can give us the details behind this new friendly competition and answer some of the questions you may have.

For example, who came up with the idea of putting these three ideas together. Here's our conversation with Barry, we know that it'll answer some of the questions that you have.

You can still get tickets for this event, go below and we'll see you on Saturday.