The Harlem Globetrotters are coming to the Floyd L. Maines Veterans Memorial Arena on Thursday and their newest member will be joining the team for a one night appearance.

The Globetrotters are known as great basketball players with cool nicknames...Names like Meadowlark, Curly and Twiggy. On the 8th, they welcome a so-so basketball player with a nickname so uncool that his daughter is ashamed.

For one night and one night only, it's......Grand Master G. They were so shocked by his lack of ability that they took pity and asked him to play for them. They said that he has a talent like no other but I don't think they meant it in a good way.

In other words, the Globetrotters didn't want to stick Washington or the Generals with him. Tip-off is at 7pm so don't be late because I have the feeling that Grand Master G won't make it past halftime.

In all seriousness, thanks to the Harlem Globetrotters for letting me on the team and fulfilling one of my dreams. I'll try to make it memorable...hopefully in a good way and I hope to see you on Thursday.


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