When you think about Florida, you probably don't think about rural cattle farms, but they do exist there and Easton Corbin happened to be raised on one, which is where his passion for music began.

Easton Corbin played in Binghamton in the summer of 2016 and since the last show, you've been begging for him to come back to town and now....he is! Easton Corbin will play Touch of Texas on Upper Front Street in Binghamton on January 26th. Tickets are available at the Touch of Texas box office during regular business hours or you can buy them here. 

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    The Family That Farms Together

    Following his parent's divorce, Easton was raised on his grandparent's Florida cattle farm where he helped out and even showed cattle as part of 4-H in high school. Easton says that it was a wonderful opportunity for him to spend time and bond with his grandparents.

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    Keeping Private Things Private

    While some artists lay every single detail of their personal lives out for the entire world to see, Easton is the complete opposite. As a matter of fact, when he got divorced, it was nearly a year before anyone had a clue.

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    Future Farmers of America

    Easton was a member of Future Farmers of America, so he was especially happy when Ram Truck asked him to partner with them for their "Year of the Farmer" promotion. With their help, Easton was able to present Future Farmers of America with a check for a million dollars in 2014 to help with their mission.

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    American Country Awards Sweep

    Easton dominated the 2010 American Country Awards, winning every single one of the Breakthrough Artist awards. His wins included: Artist of the Year: Breakthrough Artist, Single of the Year: Breakthrough Artist and Music Video: Breakthrough Artist for “A Little More Country Than That.” It shouldn't come as a surprise then that Billboard named Easton the Top New Country Artist of 2010.

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    Education First, Music Second

    When we talked to Easton, he told us that he believes that farming is the "root of where we all come from" and explained that supporting farmers and their families is very important to him. He wasn't kidding. Before moving to Nashville to pursue a career in country music, Easton attended the University of Florida, where he got a degree in agricultural business. He told, Future Farmers of America, “I always knew I would move to Nashville, but it was really important to my family and to myself that I got a good education. So I focused on getting my degree first, then I moved to Nashville right after graduation.”

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