Easton Corbin knows a truth: Old lovers don't make good friends, no matter how hard you try. He professes as much to a former flame in a brand-new song, premiering right here.

In "Old Lovers Don't Make Good Friends," Corbin confesses that although he and his ex "promise[d] to call each other / Check in every now and then," he just can't do it. It's not that he harbors any resentment or wishes her ill -- quite the opposite, in fact; heck, in the second verse he even admits, "There ain't no way on Earth / We can be in same room and not wanna hold you."

"I can't look at you, baby, and not see you're pretty ... Girl, we can both pretend, but you know I'm gonna want you again," Corbin sings in the chorus. "I can't pour up a drink and not start to think about where you / Want you back in my arms ... Old lovers don't make good friends."

Listen to Easton Corbin's "Old Lovers Don't Make Good Friends":

"Old Lovers Don't Make Good Friends" is one of six songs on Corbin's forthcoming new EP, Didn't Miss a Beat. The artist has previously shared the project's title track and its lead track, "Turn Up."

“Right now more than ever, it’s incredibly important to be a part of something that people are looking forward to. Everywhere you turn, something negative is happening. I wanted to get inside my little bubble and create music specifically for the fans," Corbin reflects. "I’m fortunate to be in a place where I had enough music lined up to not have to dig too deep to find some songs that I was ready to share with the world."

Didn't Miss a Beat is Corbin's first studio project since 2015's About to Get Real, which features four singles, including the No. 11 "Baby Be My Love Song." In between now and then, Corbin also scored a Top 15 single with 2017's "A Girl Like You."

"I feel like this EP has been a good representation of the whole record that we plan to release down the line," Corbin says. "Putting out an EP really allows us to see what the fans are gravitating towards, and I always want to make sure I’m giving the fans what they want and feel like an EP is a better way to approach that.”

Corbin's Didn't Miss a Beat EP is due out on Friday (Nov. 13) and available to pre-save now. Full details on the project are below.

Easton Corbin Didn't Miss a Beat EP
Courtesy of Elicity PR

Easton Corbin, Didn't Miss a Beat EP Tracklist:

1. "Turn Up"
2. "Didn't Miss a Beat"
3. "Back to Me"
4. "Old Lovers Don't Make Good Friends"
5. "Before You Wish You Had"
6. "Here's to the Next One"

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