Easton Corbin's new song, "Raising Humans," is making a difference now because he didn't record it then. The country heartbreaker is tied to a cause doing good for man and his best friend.

Corbin, who's notched five Top 5 hits since he debuted in 2009, has partnered with Companions for Heroes, a non-profit that works to pair dogs with military personnel, veterans, first responders and their families who need them. They're trained to be companion dogs, and the best part may be that the dogs have to be rescues.

“Not only does it save one life, it saves two lives, really," Corbin, the son of an Army vet who fought in the Vietnam War, tells Taste of Country.

While visiting the Companions for Heroes (C4H) headquarters near Savannah, Ga., Corbin saw first-hand how it all works. These dogs are trained in all sorts of unique and specialized ways. One veteran was paired with a dog that initially he didn't even want. Before the partnership, the man couldn't go to the park with his children due to the anxiety it caused.

“This dog made such a difference in his life,” Corbin recalls, excited about the bond they formed. “Within a week's time he was able to go to the St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Savannah, which is one of the biggest in the country.”

The first verse of "Raising Humans" is about just that.

"He wouldn't have been my first choice / If I'd had one when I met him / He looked like he'd be moody / The kind that let little things upset him / But fate don't ask opinions / It just gives you what you need / So we headed home in that old truck / And I let him ride right next to me," he sings.

"Raising Humans" is a song from the dog's point of view, and before you try to guess how it ends, grab a box of tissues. You're right, but it's as sweet as it could be. The chorus goes:

"Raising humans ain't as easy as it looks / Raising humans don't come with instruction books / You just love them and you trust 'em / And sometimes let 'em think they know it all / I think raising humans is the reason God made all us dogs."

Corbin's actually had the song on hold for several years, but didn't get the chance to release it until recently. He's played the song live several times, and it elicits the response you'd expect. Hopefully, it's a generous response as well. While on tour, Corbin and his song are raising money for C4H.

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