In my family, we're really big fans of the Philadelphia Eagles, so the fact that our team won their first ever Super Bowl was cause for some serious celebration and I found myself wondering if I should  buy a copy of our winning Super Bowl on DVD to save for my little boy, or if I'd just be wasting my money.

The thing is, we all thought records would be around forever. Nope. We thought videotapes and VCRs would be around forever. They weren't. We all thought cassette tapes would be around forever. Another nope. When I thought about buying a DVD, I realized that although we all think the DVD will be around forever, there's a good chance that by the time my boy is a grandpa, it won't be.

I actually never thought I'd see the day that CDs would be phased out. I mean, I knew that things were taking a digital turn, but for this collector of CDs (and records!), I was sure that lugging around my collection, which ranges in the thousands, each time I moved would be worth it because I'd always be able to find a CD player.


Apparently, CDs are about to go the way of records, 8-tracks and, cassette tapes. That's right, CDs are about to go extinct according to Newser and why would they lie to us?

In 2017, Ford made its first car in 25 years that didn't have a built-in CD player. Still not convinced that CDs are going away? Best Buy has announced that starting this July, they won't be selling any CDs anymore, a decision that K-Mart made in 2016. Oh, and Target will still sell CDs for the time being, but they're going the way of consignment which means they won't have to pay their CD supplier for any CDs that they're not able to sell.

I don't know about you, but I feel like a huge chunk of my life is dying with the news that CDs are being phased out. Did you know that the first CD was sold commercially in 1982? What was that CD? It was Billy Joel's album, "52nd Street."

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